Still: business intelligence and data visualization tool


    Originally a hackday project, Still became one of my favorite products to manage. Conceived of and built by a engineer who wanted to help an operations team member explore data on her own, Still enabled easy queries against our Vertica database.


    We continued development on the project, creating a real time business intelligence and data visualization tool utilized by our entire organization, which eventually powered 99% of the data exposed in our Demand Side Platform.

    Viewability Guaranteed: Consumers can only pay attention if they're able to see your ad.

    Viewability Measurement

    At Visible Measures, I led efforts to develop ad experiences and as the topic of ad viewability became foremost in the minds of marketers, we pursued accreditation for our measurement techniques with the Media Ratings Council.


    We were issued accreditation in 2015, becoming one of a handful of demand side platforms at the time to share the designation for both display and video.


    We also contributed to the open source code base - Open Video Viewability - which made our measurement possible, developing test suites and intersection observer-based technology to support HTML5.

    Women in Product, Boston

    Women in Product is a community that empowers women in technology to be influencers in their product management and marketing roles, inspiring them to make a difference and grow in their careers. The Boston-area group's first volunteer, I also served as director for 1.5 years, helped coordinate programming, promoted the group via local partners and social media, managed accounting and finance functions, and served as the primary liaison between Women in Product and the Boston Product Management Association.

    True Reach Live

    An amazing, but short lived video series in the style of MTV's Total Request Live. Featured top branded video content for the month. I co-conceived of the idea, helped produce the episodes, & promote the content.

    New Vehicle Inventory

    While I spent a good deal of time at Cars.com thinking about how to help used-car retailers merchandise their vehicles online, with the competition only a click away, we knew new vehicle inventory was an equally critical component to automotive marketing success.


    Partnering with General Motors to feature all their US new vehicles online was an effort that truly embodied how "team work makes the dream work." Aside from the technical effort, the program launch incorporated regional sales presentations, in-person and virtual nationwide dealer training sessions, email and direct mail campaigns, all brought about by one of the most collaborative and fun-loving, cross-functional team efforts I've had the pleasure of leading.



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