Product evangelist. Tactical dreamer. Former 2x office golf champion.
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    I develop products that connect people – car buyers and sellers; citizens and local media; consumers and the brands they love – and fuel commerce.

    With over a decade in product roles across the digital space, I love figuring out ways to make technology work for people and businesses. When I’m not thinking about how 3% of GDP drives the other 97%, I love writing about building and shipping products.


    I am excited about opportunities where I can work with big data, contribute to a team with a strong appreciation for user centered design, and coach & mentor. Connect with me on LinkedIn or via email - emera (dot) trujillo (at) gmail (dot) com - to talk product.


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    At MediaMath, I thought about the future of marketing and how to make technology work for consumers and the brands they love.


    Starting as an individual contributor, I focused on the flagship products in our audience and data management product line. We grew one product from $0 to $250k/year in revenue and turned the other from a P&L loser to profitability, with a gross margin of over 70%. Being named the number one data management platform (DMP) by Digiday in 2019 was a testament to success our clients found through our big data & machine learning products and solutions.


    Once promoted to data product lead, I coached and mentored an all star team of product managers and user experience designers, overseeing a product portfolio including machine learning (recurrent neural network), customer reporting, internal & client facing data & analytics solutions, and financial data for the company.

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    Visible Measures

    At Visible Measures, I spent time thinking hard about how to make content advertising easier. I helped build an advertising SaaS platform from the ground up, which was acquired by Acuity Ads in 2017. I shaped the roadmap and helped determine product priorities for our video advertising technology business, set goals with executive team leaders, and turned strategy into reality.


    This was the role where theory met practice, as I aided in building a product team and product development discipline throughout the organization. Being part of a company's transformation from engineering-fueled to product-driven was the hardest, most rewarding experience of my career.

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    Boston.com, Boston Globe Media

    As a product leader in digital publishing, you wear many hats – product manager, business development associate, partnerships manager, user researcher, content manager, legal associate, scrum master. While at Boston Globe Media, I launched two section front redesigns, multiple advertising products, a new real estate experience for home buyers and real estate professionals, an in-house user generated content platform, developed a media partnerships program, and helped our department realize over $250,000 in annualized cost-savings.

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    Cars.com, Classified Ventures

    At Cars.com, I helped new- and used-car retailers merchandise their new and certified pre-owned vehicles online. During my five years at Cars.com, I worked in two departments, managed four products (although thankfully, not at the same time), and served on a mentoring committee that implemented a company-wide program.


    Starting in operations, answering phone and email requests from customers and our nationwide sales force, I moved to our dealer products team, where I analyzed site trends, created sales training decks, drafted requirements, launched product enhancements, eventually managed two direct reports, grew one product’s market penetration by eighty-two percent in two years, and served as product owner for a development team of eight.




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    Email me @ emera (dot) trujillo (at) gmail (dot) com